Truth reflected in verdict of child rapist

By Kathy Jefcoats


JONESBORO — Out of the mouths of babes.

The truth as spoken by a child rape victim resonated with Clayton County jurors Thursday afternoon as they convicted her attacker on all charges.

Andre High, 22, of Selma, Ala., faces life in prison plus 20 years for his conviction of child molestation, rape and statutory rape in the Aug. 1, 2011, assault on a 10-year-old girl.

Clayton County Assistant District Attorney Katie Powers said sentencing was delayed at the request of High's defense attorney. She said she will consider the family's input on a sentence recommendation. Powers prosecuted the case with Georgia State College third-year law student Philip Curtis.

Powers said the child took the stand and gave powerful testimony about the attack.

"She did a great job," said Powers. "She was nervous but she told the truth about exactly what happened and the jurors listened, they heard what she had to say."

The child made an immediate outcry to her mother after the rape. Powers said there was physical evidence of the attack that was hard to ignore.

"You just can't get over physical injuries on a 10-year-old," she said. "And the jury couldn't get past that either."

The case ended in a hung jury in November.

Powers said the victim was "really happy" about the verdict.

"We're definitely pleased with the verdict, it's the only verdict the evidence would support," she said. "I hope this will help bring closure for the child and her family."

High will be sentenced Jan. 29 by Superior Court Judge Albert Collier. He is being held in the Clayton County Jail.