Government shakeup rattles finance department

— The reality that Clayton County Finance Director Angela Jackson is no longer the county’s top money manager is beginning to set in.

That comes as the ripple effects of the Board of Commissioners’ recent decision to hire a chief financial officer are felt across county government.

Commissioners voted earlier this month to create the new finance position along with a chief operations officer position. The chief financial officer will supersede Jackson, who has served as the county’s finance director for many years, in monetary affairs.

But the creation of a new position touches on other sections of the county’s code of ordinances, which now must be changed to reflect the new structure of county government.

The county commission is now undergoing the process of re-writing the code section outlining Jackson’s duties to accommodate for the new position.

The commission is expected to vote next month to change Code Section 2-12 to state the finance director must assist the chief financial officer in the preparation of the county’s annual budget. The code section currently states the duty solely belongs to Jackson.


Walters 2 years, 4 months ago

Thank You BOC!! Another crook relieved of responsibilities.


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