Higher demand means more constituent aides for BOC

— Growth in Clayton County has led to growth in the number of constituent aides working for the county’s commissioners.

As part of an ongoing shakeup in county government, each county commissioner — except for Chairman Jeff Turner — is getting their own constituent aide. They previously had only two aides, or one for every two commissioners.

“As the county has grown, the needs of each district have grown as well and there is definitely a need for four full-time positions,” said Vice-Chairman Michael Edmondson.

The commission voted 3-2 last week to create two new constituent aide positions at a total cost of $51,320 for salaries alone. Commissioners Sonna Singleton and Gail Hambrick voted against the measure.

But Singleton and Hambrick were also the first to lock up their constituent aides.

Hambrick is retaining her long-time aide, Tina Howard. Singleton asked her colleagues to approve making Assistant County Clerk Seth Coleman her constituent aide Tuesday. The commission voted unanimously to make that change.

Edmondson and Commissioner Shana Rooks have not yet asked for the commission’s approval to hire their respective aides.

In related action, commissioners voted this week to make Turner the “department head” for Constituent Services Manager Lindsey DeLong, as well as several other positions such as the county clerk, assistant county clerk, office manager, assistant to the chairman and administrative secretary.

The yet-to-be-filled chief operating officer position will provide “oversight” for those other positions on the chairman’s behalf.

However, while Turner will be “department head” for DeLong, each commissioner will be the “department head” for their respective constituent aide.