Man charged in husband's death

Wife held on related charges

By Kathy Jefcoats


JONESBORO — A Jonesboro man is being held without bond in the shooting death of his lover's husband, said police.

Perez Lequise Mitchell, 30, of Tyler Ridge is being held on voluntary manslaughter and lying to police. Police said he shot and killed Jason Hocker, 33, at Hocker's Hickory Bend Road home in College Park Nov. 24.

Police said Mitchell was having an affair with Hocker's wife, Trenekia Hall Hocker, 34.

The victim came home to find Mitchell in the bedroom with his wife, said police. Hocker was holding a baseball bat, she told police, and demanded to know who was in his house. She reportedly told police that she tried to keep the men apart by stepping in between them. Her husband allegedly pushed her to the side and swung the bat at Mitchell.

Hocker told police that Mitchell pulled a handgun and shot her husband once before fleeing the home. Within minutes, he called her to find out Hocker's condition, she told police.

When police arrived, Trenekia Hocker first told them a stranger shot her husband, according to the warrant issued to Clayton County police Detective Travis Lewis. After changing her story and identifying Mitchell as the shooter, police said Hocker pretended to not know much about him "as if she was protecting him."

"She advised she'd known him for about a year," Lewis alleges in the warrant application. "She advised Perez comes over every Saturday and they have sexual intercourse."

Lewis interviewed Mitchell that day and he reportedly denied having been at the Hocker home. In his application, Lewis states he thinks Trenekia Hocker is lying about the events leading up to the shooting and that her assertion her husband had a bat cannot be confirmed.

Lewis said he was able to discredit Mitchell's account through his own cell records and gas station footage.

Trenekia Hocker was charged Nov. 24 with obstruction of an officer, tampering with evidence and lying to police. She is being held without bond in the Clayton County Jail for violation of probation.