Jonesboro police switching to ‘unique’ badges

— Police officers in Jonesboro will soon sport new badges that feature one of the city’s iconic buildings.

The Jonesboro City Council voted unanimously last week to spend $2,400 on new law enforcement badges for the department. Police Chief Franklin Allen said he ordered 28 new badges last Thursday and expects them to arrive in approximately two months.

“Since I came here in 2010, the officers as a whole wanted a different style badge,” Allen said. “They wanted a unique concept ... and since I’ve been here, I’ve been trying to change the image and establish the identity of the police department and I wanted to have something that is uniquely ours.”

The design of the new badges will tie them closer to the culture and identity of the city than the existing badges do.

The current badge design, which features the seal of Georgia with rays of light emanating from it, has been in use since 2003, said police Lt. Tony Lumpkin.

The new badge design resembles Jonesboro’s city seal with old Jonesboro Train Depot featured prominently in the middle. The badges will also include the year of the city’s founding, 1859, between the depot and two scripts which read “Jonesboro Police” at the bottom.


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