North Clayton Middle plans fitness trail

A new fitness trail will be constructed on the campus of North Clayton Middle School.

The quarter-mile trail is expected to open later this year. Users will be able to combine scientifically designed exercises with walking or jogging to provide a well-balanced physical fitness routine for the entire body.

“We are in the beginning of the planning stages,” said Nezetta Johnson, a teacher and grant writer at the school.

She received a $5,000 Toolbox for Education Grant from Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation to construct the fitness trail project.

“The plan is to build a fitness center with a walking trail to accommodate community and group fitness with our students in mind,” Johnson continued. “We plan to incorporate the exercise area into the physical education program to encourage our students to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors.”

“As a result, we have decided to construct a walking trail and outdoor fitness area that promote a healthy and active lifestyle for children of all ages,” she continued.

Six to 10 individual exercise stations will be spaced along the path allowing participants to proceed from one station to the next as they perform the exercises. The stations will offer a range of exercises designed to give a structured, full-body workout.

“We are determined to encourage physical fitness by providing a fitness system that builds strength, agility and self-confidence,” Johnson said. “This requires students and adults to walk or jog between stations. Each station will provide instructions and equipment for the specified exercise on how to use the equipment.”

The fitness trail will be open to everyone and the stations are planned for easy use by anyone, including older adults and wheelchair users who are looking for an opportunity to exercise outdoors.

Each exercise station will promote the development of strength and endurance while improving muscle tone and agility.

Johnson added that she is currently meeting with a team from Lowe’s, North Clayton Middle and the District’s Maintenance Department to complete final arrangements on plans for the walking path. The project is titled, “Par for the Course.”