Quilts sale proceeds down this year

Only a few days remain to purchase items

By Curt Yeomans


JONESBORO — There are only a couple of days left for Clayton County residents to help a quilt shop raise money for shelter cats and dogs.

Quilts and Fixins owner Jean Lowery said the amount of money raised by her store’s annual cats and dogs quilt sale fundraiser is down this year, after a long period of annual growth. For years, each sale’s final tally of money raised for the Clayton County Humane Society has surpassed previous collections. The last two years, the final totals have surpassed $15,000.

With the sale of items from this year’s sale set to end this week, Lowery said the trend appears to have been broken.

“We’ve been selling items since the sale day, but so far we’ve raised a little over $14,000,” said Lowery. “We still have a lot of stuff to sell.”

Whatever isn’t sold by the end of this week will be packed up and stored for next year’s sale. Proceeds from the fundraiser help the Humane Society pay for operations costs associated with keeping its shelter open.

Quilts and Fixins is at 7986 North Main St. in Jonesboro.


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