Rezoning on the horizon for school district

BOE to address varied student populations

JONESBORO — The Clayton County Board of Education is planning to rezone several of its schools for the 2014-15 school year.

Over the next several months the school board will be reviewing proposals for redrawing attendance zone lines at schools that are grossly under-populated or overcrowded.

Growth patterns the past few years have left empty classrooms at some schools and have crowded classrooms in other buildings.

District 3 member Jessie Goree has been campaigning to redraw attendance zone lines in her district in northwestern Clayton County.

She said her district, in the Riverdale area, has schools that are crowded and that are sparsely populated.

Goree said she believes rezoning is necessary to improve the overall quality of education at each school building. She said each should have its optimal student population.

Officials have not said whether schools throughout the district would be affected or just those school clusters with the largest population discrepancies.

Chairwoman Pam Adamson said new schools and educational programs coming on line in the next few years will also be factors in making enrollment projections and redrawing attendance zones.

Superintendent Luvenia Jackson said the process is ongoing.

The public will have an opportunity to review and comment on suggested attendance zones when the proposals are complete.