VOICE OF THE PEOPLE: Discarded tires draw Morrow residents ire

— Vickie Warren had one underlying message when she addressed the Morrow City Council this week: Think of the fish.

Warren took a stand Tuesday for all of the fish in a stream at Morrow’s Newman Park. She stood up during public comments and called on the council to put up a barrier that will stop residents and motorists in the area from throwing trash and other debris in the stream.

“There’s a little stream that actually has fish in it, but it also has tires and limbs that people are throwing from their yards into the water, and from Old Rex [Morrow Road] which I guess is were the tires are being thrown from,” Warren said. “I’ve seen little streams like that before but they usually have a little fence around them so people can’t just throw in there.”

Warren was one of three residents who addressed the council about cleanliness issues this week. She said a trash bin and a swing have gone missing from the park in recent months.

Angie Gregory asked if there was paperwork she needed to fill out to get a service that picked up leaves and limbs from residents’ yards resumed at her home. She said she was not sure who oversaw the service, which is why she was asking the council for help.

“On Wednesdays in Morrow and Lake City, down on Lake Harbin, they came out and picked up the branches and shrubs and stuff in your yard to take them away,” said Gregory. “But we received a letter that was put on the door that said they could no longer pick up in our area and that we were living at the wrong address.”

Lana Labay used the public comment period to ask her neighbors to clean up behind their pets as they walk them through the neighborhoods. She said she has four dogs of her own and she cleans up after them when she walks them. However, she said some of her neighbors aren’t extending the same courtesy.

“Please just take your little plastic bags and it’s so easy to clean up after them,” said Labay. “It’s just impolite to let people’s yards get messed up.”

Mayor Joseph “J.B.” Burke and City Manager Jeff Eady said they would look into the issues and be in touch with the residents.