Top 10 stories for the week of July 8-14

1. Jeff Turner to review Burrell Ellis indictment for governor

Clayton County Commission Chairman Jeff Turner will hold in his hands the political fate of his counterpart in DeKalb County, the governor’s office announced Monday.

2. Blue Bell distribution center a local staple

Blue Bell Creameries sits quietly inside a residential neighborhood.

3. Child witness testifies in murder trial Wednesday

A first-grader mesmerized a Clayton County courtroom Wednesday morning as she recalled interrupting the alleged assault that killed her grandmother and the woman's last words to her.

4. Clayton County police investigating woman's death

Clayton County police are investigating the shooting death of a woman found Tuesday.

5. Jurors hear emotional jail call from suspect

Clayton County jurors heard an emotional Joseph Harris tell a friend during a phone call that he knew he'd messed up and was about to be charged with murder.

6. ‘Gone With The Wind’ museum expanding

The road that leads to Tara is about to get a little longer.

7. Turner: No consensus fire chief pick from BOC

It is possible that Clayton County fire Chief Jeff Hood will retire from his position next week without knowing who will be his temporary replacement.

8. Report shows drugs in Blaylock's system

A GBI lab report showed former NBA player Daron "Mookie" Blaylock tested positive for the presence of two substances in his blood following a crash that killed a mother of five in May.

9. Lovejoy residents ‘fighting mad’ over road widening

Several Lovejoy-area residents attended a DOT public input meeting only to learn their homes may be bought by the state and demolished as part of the McDonough Road widening project. At least 22 homes and businesses are marked for demolition.

10. Lovejoy approves ‘registry’ ordinance

Tall grass does not go unseen, and it will not go unacknowledged, said city officials.