BOC’s ethics advisors need more time

— The panel chosen to make recommendations for ethics reforms in Clayton County will get extra time to do its work because it isn’t ready to make those suggestions.

The Board of Commissioners granted its Ethics Advisory Committee a 90-day extension this week to come up with a list of reform ideas. The group, which originally had to complete its work this month, will have until Oct. 9 to present its findings to commissioners.

Committee Chairman Larry O’Keeffe said the committee wasn’t able to get started until about 60 days into its original 90-day window because it took time to get a committee formed and to schedule meetings.

“Under the original resolution, we would have had to report on the 9th of July and, of course, we’re not ready so we’re asking for a 90-day extension,” said O’Keeffe.

O’Keeffe said the committee has completed its review of a previous advisory committee’s recommendations from 2009, and are now making changes. He said it should take much longer, despite the 90-day extension.

“My anticipation is August,” he said.