Morrow gains new oversight on coin-operated amusement machines

— The Morrow City Council adopted new regulations Tuesday for businesses which have coin-operated amusement machines.

The regulations are outlined in a new ordinance which is designed to conform to new state laws that oversee such machines. The law mandates that proceeds from the machines go to the Georgia Lottery Commission for educational scholarships.

There at 19 types of devices covered by the new ordinance. They include pinball, Skee-ball, air hockey, foosball, console and claw machines, video games and coin-operated pool tables. The new rules limit businesses to six such machines. Occupational taxes will be levied on operators.

The machines cannot offer a cash payout. Gambling machines that rely more on luck than skill, and offer a cash payout, are illegal and it is now a misdemeanor offense in the city to own, use or transport one.

It is a misdemeanor offense to violate the ordinance and violations could result in the revocation of a business’ license.