Here is your newspaper

Well, here it is.

Today, the Clayton News Daily unveils changes to your community newspaper.

After months of meetings, discussions, planning, experimenting, listening to the community and tweaking, we are now lifting the curtain and presenting our community with the updated, refreshed pages and content.

As we have said repeatedly over the course of the past year, a newspaper belongs to its community.

We have paid attention to readers and listened to your likes and dislikes.

We have been focused on retaining those things that have connected with readers as we have worked hard to build bridges to the community.

As part of the changes you will notice in your newspaper today, there are new popular comics, some of the most popular newspaper puzzles and columns to appeal to a wide variety of readers. Members of the community have told us that comics, puzzles, advice columns and health-related columns are important to them, so we have worked hard to bring you the best available offerings.

However, not everyone likes exactly the same things and we are sensitive to that. So, it may be that a comic or puzzle that is your personal favorite is not included in the new package. We hope you will give the new items a chance.

It is simply impossible to please all people, all the time, in every way and to be able to include everyone’s likes and exclude everyone’s dislikes.

For an example, some people hate sports. They don’t dislike football, baseball, softball and basketball. They hate them all.

No matter how many times it is explained that local sports is very popular in a community newspaper and every player, marching band member or cheerleader has a mother, father, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and friends who want to see their name or picture in the paper, there are always going to be some people that will complain they would rather see the space utilized for something else.

So obviously there is no way to completely satisfy both groups of readers completely.

Some people are passionate about Family Circus, others can’t seem to live without Beetle Bailey.

The best we can do is to listen to what we hear the most, work hard to make decisions that provide the best benefit to most people and hope everyone can find things they like.

Liberals will hate conservative columns.

Conservatives will hate liberal columns.

So, we try to offer a little of both.

Here is a thought, however, those to the right will benefit the most from reading, digesting and considering points of view from the left and folks on the left would benefit the most from reading what comes from the right.

Simply reading and listening to people you already agree with does little to broaden understanding and increase knowledge.

Public dialogue benefits everyone, regardless of ideology.

We have already heard from members of the community who are looking forward to having television listings all in one place, one time each week rather than having to look in three different publications to find the information they want.

While change is growth and growth is inevitable for survival, some things will never change, and they shouldn’t.

We will continue to provide coverage of our community and be the eyes and ears of our citizens.

We will be there with you at community events, including the many great weekend festivals and events we enjoy with you throughout the year.

We will continue to inform you about local crime and public safety issues.

We will continue to keep an eye on local government.

We will continue to provide strong local commentary and provide a free open public forum for our community so you can express your point of view on the all new Perspectives page.

We want you to share your community events, your photographs and announcements with us.

So, we hope you enjoy today’s edition.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Call us.

Write us.

Or, stop by for a visit with your community newspaper.

— by Editor Jim Zachary


Robert 2 years, 1 month ago

I just want to say, Thanks, to the Clayton News Daily and staff for the work that they do and for hosting this online forum. I known it takes a lot of energy and effort to make this all come together. Thanks.


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