Greetings Southern Crescent Sports fans!

Listen, we the sports staff of the Clayton News Daily and Henry Daily Herald have so much to talk about, so much to write about and so much insight to give, that we just can’t fit it into our three weekly print editions.

So we’re using the power and vast reach of the good ol’ Internet as we bring to you the Southern Crescent Buzz blog!

We’ll be emptying out our notebooks with all the extra quotes, insight and analysis that we can’t fit into our pages. We’ll hit everything from your favorite Henry and Clayton athletic programs, athletes and coaches, to other local and community sports, not to mention insight on college and professional teams in the area.

We’ll even weigh in on issues that grace the national scene, and we’ll do our best to couch it in a local context. And ours won’t be the only voices you’ll hear. We’ll provide you links to what some of the nation’s leading sports pundits have to say, including cool reads that we think will entertain and inform you.

We’ll even try to throw some videos in every now and then.

Check us out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for sure. We’ll throw a few things at you on the other days as time and information warrants. If you’re on Twitter, look for the #SCBuzz hashtag.

We love what we do because of you, our readers. And we want this to be yet another forum for you to become a part of our growing sports scene.

Don’t just read it. Let’s interact. Tell us we’re right. Tell us we’re clueless. Share with us some subjects you’d be interested in hearing us try to tackle. Share it with others. Be civil, but let your voice be heard. Derrick Mahone and Gabriel Stovall are here for you!

Consider this the Buzz’s first post. We look forward to seeing you in the blogosphere.