Top 10 Stories for the week of May 27- June 2

1. Holyfield arrested at arraignment

An older brother of five-time world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield was taken into custody Wednesday when he showed up for his arraignment.

2. Morrow remembers stern but fair judge

Former Morrow Municipal Court Judge Frost Ward was usually stern with offenders who came before his bench, but it became personal whenever he dealt with code violators, his wife said.

3. BOC uses eminent domain to widen road

The Clayton County Board of Commissioners exercised eminent domain powers this week to condemn two houses that interfered with the widening of Anvil Block Road.

4. Mayor wants to add day of court

Adding another day of traffic court would mean doubling that department's budget, said City Manager John Parker, but if the revenues will support the move, it can be done.

5. Jonesboro brothers double up on success

Calvin and Scott Coleman have Darton State College wrestling coach James Hicks seeing double vision. But Hicks doesn’t see it as a problem.

6. Small businesses to shine at Morrow farmer’s market

Doug Law and Tamecia Shaheed hope the exposure their Italian ice business will get at Morrow’s new farmer’s market will lead to a bright future.

7. Farmers Market big business in state

Agriculture is the state's No. 1 industry and the Farmers Market serves as the hub for produce distribution throughout most of the East Coast.

8. Council hires Buford law firm

Council members voted unanimously Saturday afternoon to hire a Buford law firm to represent the city in a suit filed by attorneys they fired May 6.

9. Morrow may forego developer job

The planning and economic development director position in Morrow faces an uncertain future.

10. Crump ends his time at Eagle's Landing

Eagle's Landing's boys basketball enjoyed unprecedented success during Clay Crump's eight-year tenure.