Teen shooting happened in Henry County, say police

Clayton County police conduct ‘extensive’ investigation

By Kathy Jefcoats


JONESBORO — After an “extensive” investigation, Clayton County police officers said Tuesday they are satisfied that the shooting of a 14-year-old girl happened in Henry County.

Henry County police said the shooting appears to have been accidental and happened at the family home, not far from where the teenager reported being shot Monday afternoon. Police are continuing to talk to the girl and her brother, 18, and no charges have been filed.

Clayton County police officers spent much of Tuesday beating the bushes and checking drains for any evidence that the girl was shot in the stomach near Clemons and Spivey roads Monday. Lt. Marc Richards said about 20 officers canvassed the area Tuesday morning.


Photo by Kathy Jefcoats Clayton County police canvassed the Spivey-Clemons roads area on foot, in car and on motorcycle Tuesday looking for evidence that a teenage girl was shot there Monday.

While there is no doubt the girl, who lives just inside Henry County, was shot, but police had little-to-no evidence connecting the shooting to Clayton County. Clayton County police Officer Eddie Soto agreed that the details sounded suspicious.

"That's the reason the investigation is still ongoing," he said during a Tuesday morning press conference at Clemons and Spivey roads.

Reporters questioned the lack of blood and other evidence at the reported shooting scene.

"There would be blood if there was blood," said Soto.

Soto said police were operating under the story the girl and her brother, 18, gave to Henry County police. The initial report was made to Henry County.

"We were informed of the shooting by Henry County," he said. "They took the statement."

Henry County police Maj. Jason Bolton said a 911 call was made from the family's home. The girl was possibly transported to the hospital from that same home, he said.

"I think she was transported by Henry since they were dispatched initially," said Bolton.

Soto said the girl and her brother told police two men in a white car pulled up alongside them Monday, rolled down the window and fired once, hitting the girl in the stomach. The car then reportedly fled the area.

Soto said the girl lives in a subdivision farther up Spivey Road into Henry County. He said she is in stable condition.

If police determine the siblings lied about the shooting, they can be charged with false report of a crime, which would be lodged by Henry County police.