Lovejoy adds to budget

Officials expect year-end windfall

LOVEJOY — City officials are again dipping into reserve funds for unexpected expenses in the City of Lovejoy.

The council voted unanimously Monday to increase its information technology department budget $5,600 as costs have outpaced expectations.

Mayor Bobby Cartwright said there was a need to provide more funds for its maintenance and software line items. The department already has over-spent its initial $20,000 by $3,557.46.

The city has experienced increased costs across the board for products and services late this year, he said. Council last amended its budget in April, adding $68,500 to expenses from reserves.

Cartwright said the dilemma is the primary reason he prefers not to redistribute funds from one department to the next.

Any given department could find itself over budget at any point in the year, he said. He recommended the council temporarily pull from its reserves instead to compensate for the increased expenditures.

He expects that, even with this year’s increased expenditures, the budget will balance and yield a surplus upwards of $50,000.

Cartwright anticipates a windfall of revenues by July 1 — as much as $150,000. He said about $100,000 would offset this year’s budget amendments and the remaining $50,000 or so would be dumped into the city’s reserve funds for net savings.