Where next? Boston, DC or Philadelphia? — CURT YEOMANS

Curt Yeomans covers government for the Clayton News Daily. He can be reached at via e-mail at cyeomans@news-daily.com. 

Curt Yeomans covers government for the Clayton News Daily. He can be reached at via e-mail at cyeomans@news-daily.com. 

Vacation is approaching in just over a week, and I don’t know where I should go this time.

It’s gotta be someplace outside of Georgia. It’s been almost a year since the last getaway from this state and the time is right for another escape. It’s the Fourth of July week too, so it’s gotta be someplace extra nice — and patriotic.


Should the destination be Boston?

How about Williamsburg, Va.?

Could Washington D.C. be a better spot?

Why not Philadelphia instead?

The destination hasn’t been chosen, but it could very likely be one of those four spots.

Philadelphia stands out because that’s where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Boston is logical because it is one of the birthplaces of the American rebellion against England — and I just love visiting Boston.

Washington is always nice because you can never get enough of D.C. But Williamsburg has the whole colonial vibe going on so that could be neat.

You see, you can’t just go anywhere when the Fourth of July rolls around. It is a celebration of American history so it has to be something that allows you to celebrate the American heritage in an appropriate and memorable way.

I mean, how memorable is some generic trip, like a visit to the beach, going to be? Been there, done that and gone back for more.

True, I’ve already been to Boston three times, Philadelphia once, Williamsburg a half dozen times and D.C. on countless occasions, but those are places that are always worth returning to. I could try to squeeze them all into one trip but it’d be tight and I wouldn’t be able to pay any city true justice.

It’s been said that there are some cities in the world where you can’t see everything in one week and then there are places such as Tulsa that you don’t even need a full week to see everything. Sorry Tulsa, but you just don’t have any major attraction that makes me say, “Gee, I wish I had the money to go see that.”

I can never get tired of Boston, Philadelphia, D.C. or Williamsburg, though.

I just gotta pick one to go see in a little over a week.

Curt Yeomans is a Senior Reporter for the Clayton News Daily and an avid traveler. He can be reached at 770-478-5753, ext. 247, via Email at cyeomans@news-daily.com or on Twitter at @CYeomansCND.


OscarKnight 2 years, 3 months ago

....Wherever you decide to go, would you please bring back some photos when you return ?


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