Who says there is nothing to do?

Young people should not be left idle

Young people, especially teenagers, need something to do.

Idle hands, if left idle too long, often find mischief — or worse. 

Too many times we hear about youths involved in criminal activity, either as perpetrators or victims. 

A recent accident involving a teen playing with a firearm who ended up shooting his sister all too vividly tells the tale of youths who don’t seem to have enough to keep them busy with good, productive, wholesome activity. 

However, we have to ask the question, who is to blame for the lack of something good for young people to do? 

Anyone who thinks there is nothing to do in our county simply is not paying attention or they are looking in all the wrong places. 

Our county parks and recreation department has excellent facilities and great programs. 

Recreation centers offer swimming, basketball, tennis, indoor games, and a calendar of events that can give youths the chance to do things they might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in.

Our libraries offer amazing summer activities as well. 

The public school system itself has opportunities for youths during the summer months. 

Churches located throughout the county have a wide variety of summertime offerings for young people of all ages. 

There are numerous summer camps ranging for nature adventures to arts and crafts that appeal to varied interests. 

Of course, commercial opportunities exist at local skating rinks, bowling alleys and indoor recreational facilities. 

Sometimes what you see simply depends on where you set your focus. 

Regardless of where you live in our county it should be easy to find plenty of things for young people to do this summer without them ending up doing things they should not be doing, simply because they are bored.

We encourage parents and guardians to watch the newspaper for the many announcements of community activities being offer all summer long.

We also suggest visiting any of our county parks and our libraries or looking at their respective websites for the calendar of events.

Take full advantage of faith-based activities, camps and schools. 

And, if you run out of anything else to do, you can always sit down and read the newspaper. 

— Editor Jim Zachary


OscarKnight 1 year, 11 months ago

....Many Kids in my area likes to hangout at Oscar's Backyard Pool, during the summer months.


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