WHAT DO YOU GEEK? — Sherry Turner

Bending over backwards for yoga books

Sherry Turner

Sherry Turner

Library patron Janice Adams said that she geeks “yoga” and anything else that helps her keep as healthy as possible.

She relocated to the area after retiring in West Palm Beach, Fla. One of her first stops was to get a Clayton County library card. While there, she picked up flyers and pamphlets from other agencies. In recent weeks, Adams has enrolled in a host of classes at several of the recreation centers, libraries and hospitals in the area offering an array of classes including yoga.

As we discussed yoga, she said that some people even take yoga classes sitting down, mainly focusing on the exercises that will help them with arthritis in their hands, elbows, ankles, etc.

When I think of a stereotypical yoga class, I conjure an image of pretzel-shaped younger, slender people while depicting peaceful smiling faces. Seeing how fit Adams is caused me to pause and re-think my opinions of yoga.

These books found in the Clayton County Library System will attest that yoga can be for everyone.

Non-fiction books

“Ageless Yoga: gentle workouts for health and Fitness” by Juliet Pegrm

“Quick and easy yoga: 5-minute routines for anyone, Anywhere” by Christina Brown

“Relax and Renew: restful yoga for stressful Times” by Judith Lasater

“Yoga Cures: simple routines to conquer more than 50 common ailments and live Pain-free” by Tara Stiles

“Creative yoga for children: inspiring the whole child through yoga, songs, literature, and games: 40 fun, ready-to-teach lessons for ages 4 through 12” by Adrienne Rawlinson

“Yoga for 50+: modified poses and techniques for a safe Practice” by Richard Rosen

“Gentle Yoga for Osteoporosis” by Laurie Sanford

“Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga: the essential guide to complete mind/body Fitness” by Kathryn Budig

Fiction books

“Yoga Mamas: a novel” by Katherine Stewart

“Tales from the Yoga Studio” by Rain Mitchell

“What do you Geek?” is a weekly column written by Sherry Turner, managing librarian at the Jonesboro Library Branch. As part of the Clayton County Library Systems’ “Get Your Geek on at the Library” campaign, patrons are being asked about their interests and specifically what it is they “geek” (defined as a personal passion). Turner writes about what library patrons “geek” about. To learn more about the geek campaign go to geekthelibrary.org and to submit a topic for this column, Email Turner at turners@claytonpl.org.