CRCT results: Students struggle in social studies

JONESBORO — Results from an annual state assessment revealed Clayton County students are lacking in social studies education.

Classes posted subpar scores on Georgia’s 2013 Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests at a rate higher than the state average.

The CRCT is a collection of subject tests that measures what students have learned and whether they meet the state’s curriculum standards in reading, English/language arts, math, science and social studies.

The district as a whole fell below state averages on the CRCT with large performance gaps for some grades in certain subjects, according to state test data.

For example, third-graders in Clayton passed the science portion of the CRCT at a rate of 64.9 percent compared to the 78.4 percent state average.

However, the most consistent performance gaps among the five subjects tested was in social studies. About 69 percent of students in what educators call the critical transition grades — third, fifth and eighth — passed it in Clayton.

State data showed Clayton third-graders struggled in math, science and social studies, posting average pass-rates of 64.6 percent, 64.9 percent and 69.5 percent respectively. Fifth-graders passed the subjects at rates of 84.2 percent, 73.3 percent and 69 percent. Eighth-graders passed with 73.7 percent in math, 67.3 percent in science and 69.5 percent in social studies.

Reading pass rates were 84.5 percent for third-graders, 89.4 percent for fifth-graders and 95.3 percent for eighth-graders, according to the data. Students also performed well in English/language arts with 79.0 percent in third grade, 90.9 percent in fifth grade and 92.3 percent in eighth grade.

State School Superintendent Dr. John Barge said he was pleased by the CRCT results statewide.

The state reported that the rate at which third-graders surpassed standards increased in reading by 4 percent and in social studies by 3 percent compared to last year. It remained the same in math and decreased by 3 points in English/language arts and 4 points in science.

The rate for fifth-graders exceeding standards in reading, math and social studies statewide increased by 3 percent, 10 percent and 1 percent, respectively. The percentage declined by 1 point in English/language arts and 2 points in science.

Eight-graders in the state also outperformed last year’s class. They exceeded standards in reading, English/language arts, math, science and social studies — 4, 3, 5, 1 and 3 points higher than last year, respectively.

“Our results this year on the CRCT show consistent progress and we continue to see many students scoring in the exceeds category,” said Barge. “This is a testament to the great work our teachers are doing to take students to higher levels of learning.”

2013 CRCT pass rates

Clayton County Public Schools

Reading | ELA | Math | Science | Social Studies

  1. Third-grade 84.5 | 79.0 | 64.6 | 64.9 | 69.5
  2. Fifth-grade 89.4 | 90.9 | 84.2 | 73.3 | 69.0
  3. Eighth-grade 95.3 | 92.3 | 73.7 | 67.3 | 69.5


Reading | ELA | Math | Science | Social Studies

  1. Third-grade 92.1 | 88.1 | 78.5 | 78.4 | 83.4
  2. Fifth-grade 92.9 | 94.2 | 89.5 | 79.6 | 80.5
  3. Eighth-grade 96.8 | 94.3 | 83.0 | 74.0 | 77.9

Source: Georgia Department of Education