Gov. Deal proposes streamlined scholarship program

ATLANTA — Gov. Nathan Deal is proposing legislation this week that he believes will improve Georgia’s Tax Credit Scholarship program.

The program assists K-12 students statewide with tuition scholarships to attend private school.

Deal said Senate Bill 243 was designed to improve accountability and transparency in the program by restricting the money available for administrative costs in order to increase award amounts to students.

Sen. Charlie Bethel (R-Dalton) is the governor’s administrative floor leader. He is introducing the bill to the Senate education committee.

Center for an Educated Georgia Director Dr. Danielle LeSure is a proponent of the bill.

“Gov. Deal has provided helpful and needed improvements to this great program,” said LeSure. “Many of Georgia’s students are benefiting from a Tax Credit Scholarship and it’s imperative that the program be accountable, transparent and efficient so that many more can benefit as well.”