City clerk still superintendent

Truhan keeps post by unanimous vote

— In a move that’s more of a formality than anything else, the Jonesboro City Council unanimously voted to appoint City Clerk Janice Truhan to be the superintendent for this year’s city elections Monday.

Truhan has served as the superintendent for the last few city elections since her appointment as city clerk in 2006. Councilman Bobby Wiggins questioned why the council had to vote on her appointment because he was under the impression the council had previously voted to permanently make her the elections superintendent as long as she was clerk.

Mayor Joy Day said the vote was requested by Truhan, who was not in attendance at the meeting, and was likely a formality the Council had to go through.

Mayor Pro Tem Pat Sebo and Council members Joe Compton and Clarence Mann are up for re-election this year. The municipal election is slated to take place Nov. 5. Qualifying will take place from Aug. 26 until Aug. 30.

The council also voted to amend its employee drug and alcohol policy to include a section stating the city will send letters about the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health’s “Drugs Don’t Work in Georgia” to employees.

The council also unanimously voted to change one of its employee holiday dates from May 28 to July 5.