@Clayton launching new #hashtag :-)

County joining social media revolution

— “OMG, county officials said there is a new @Twitter #hashtag in town. #ClayCo #ClaytonCounty #Clayton.”

Citizens of the Twitter universe have come up with many ways to tag their county in their tweets but none of those hastags .

Some people — including rapper @WakaFlockaBSM (otherwise known as Waka Flocka Flame) — use #ClayCo.

Other residents use #ClaytonCounty.

Some Atlanta area news outlets and Clayton County Commissioner Michael Edmonson (@Comm_Edmondson) have used #Clayton on occasion. However, that can get confusing when California-based news outlet @CCTimes and North Carolina-based weather website @CarolinaWx also use #Clayton to refer to communities in their neck of the woods.

While those hastags may not go away any time soon, Clayton County has announced it wants residents to use a new one to keep in touch with their county officials.

Yep, the county commission now has its own hashtag on Twitter.

Officials want more tweets about the county to include #ClaytonCountyGa so county officials can stay in touch with their residents. Of course, citizens could also put @ClaytonCountyGa to send a direct tweet to the county’s new Twitter account.

The county can now also be followed on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ClaytonCountyGeorgia/.

Commission Chairman Jeff Turner said county officials are excited about their new social media accounts. He added they were created to help leaders serve their residents.

“We continually strive to provide a professional and friendly service to our citizens,” Turner said. “Therefore, it was a natural progression to launch these new social media accounts to connect with our citizens in an informal forum.”