Top 10 stories for the week of March 4-10

1. Man shot for looking at jacket, say police

Clayton County police said a man was shot and later died for looking at a suspected gang member's jacket inside a convenience store.

2. Jonesboro preparing for Streetscape sequel

Streetscape Phase II is coming and although Mayor Joy Day expects less congestion this time around because less major intersections are involved, drivers still need to be prepared to dodge construction equipment again.

3. Tensions rise over Jonesboro referendum bill

Former Jonesboro Mayor Luther Maddox and state Rep. Demetrius Douglas (D-Stockbridge) never began shouting but the tension was thick between the two men Monday night.

4. BOE decries House Bill 399

Eight of the nine Clayton County Board of Education members are opposed to proposed legislation that would immediately cut off one of its most significant local revenue streams.

5. Woman's home robbed more than 15 times

Claudia Turner had mixed reaction to the news Thursday that Jonesboro police found about 90 percent of items stolen from her home in more than 15 burglaries since October.

6. Former sheriff’s clerk pleads guilty to theft

A former Clayton County sheriff’s accountant pleaded guilty Wednesday to stealing thousands of dollars from bond accounts during 2011.

7. Anti-airport tax bill racing toward House approval

State representatives may vote this week on legislation that could cost Clayton County $12.6 million in tax dollars collected at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

8. Questionable tactics used for getting absentee ballots

City officials have uncovered questionable but legal tactics being used to get absentee ballots for the March 19 special election.

9. Old dance club needs new dancers

There are fewer men to dance with the women at Brookdale Dine and Dance Club, which caters to Southern Crescent residents over 55.

10. House passes airport tax ban

The Georgia House of Representatives passed legislation that would strip Clayton County of $12.6 million in annual taxes collected at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport late Thursday afternoon.