Donations desired for deserving dogs (and cats too)

Humane Society now collecting items for yard sale

David is an orange tabby available for adoption at the Clayton County Humane Society.

David is an orange tabby available for adoption at the Clayton County Humane Society.

— The animals at the Clayton County Humane Society shelter need help.

They need cool-looking donated cabinets, bed frames, lamps, bowls, statues and anything else that some yard sale hunter would be willing to buy to help them out. Work-out equipment, clocks, old posters, DVDs, ski equipment and rocking chairs will do nicely as well.

After all, Buttercup the Chinese crested and Chihuahua mix needs to stay chic to get adopted so she needs people to make it rain coffee tables, armoires and bicycles.

The items will be sold at the Humane Society’s “Spring Treasures of Paws Mega Yard Sale” in May to raise money for animal care, said yard sale organizer Gwen Lyle.

“Every penny we raise goes to support the shelter so we can take care of the animals,” she said.

Right now, there isn’t much in the three storage units the Humane Society hopes will eventually hold all of the items to be sold at the sale. Lyle said there is enough to fill about half of a unit but she is not worried at this point.

“Right now, we’re just starting so it’s not a concern that we only have that much stuff donated,” she said. “We still have five weeks until the sale and that’s plenty of time to fill up these storage units.”

Lyle said the yard sale is important because it is one of the biggest sources of income needed to keep the shelter’s doors open. She said monetary donations and adoptions have been down in recent years because of the economy.

That means yard sales are key to the animal adoption group being able to afford food for David the orange tabby and Mercedes the miniature dachshund, as well as vaccinations, grooming and maintenance costs.

There are several items the Humane Society cannot accept for its yard sale, including clothing, shoes, mattresses, water beds, sleeper sofas, infant cribs, tires, metal file cabinets, large appliances such as full-size refrigerators, older style computer monitors and TVs and metal desks.

Lyle said anything else will be accepted as donation as long it is “clean and gently used.” She said large and small items will gladly be accepted, but furniture items are ideal because they can be sold for higher prices than the smaller items.

“I can sell 500 small things for $500 or I can sell two or three large things for $500,” she said.

People who want to donate items for the yard sale are asked to call 770-363-4132 or send emails to mbryant@claytoncountyhumane.org or lyle.gs@gmail.com to schedule times to drop off their belongings.


OscarKnight 2 years, 7 months ago

....Clayton County, Georgia :

Dog's Chained Outside To Trees or Poles :

From my front porch, I have to watch as three Dogs, on three separate properties, suffer from living a life on a chain...without having human love. This makes me sick, that I have to go to the back of my house, but then, new neighbors just moved in and chained their Dog to a pole in their back yard.....Without saying anymore, it this time; This shows what kind of neighbors that I have.


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