Judge gives state more time to indict,

declines to reduce woman's bond

Sean Callahan

Sean Callahan

By Kathy Jefcoats


JONESBORO — A Clayton County Superior Court judge declined to reduce bond for a woman whose husband killed a police officer in December and gave the state more time to present her case to a grand jury.

Lisa Ann Lebis, 40, has been in the Clayton County Jail since her arrest on charges related to the Dec. 17 shooting death of Clayton County police Officer Sean Callahan. Lebis' husband, Tremaine Lebis, 41, shot Callahan. Callahan's partner returned fire, killing Lebis.


Lisa Ann Lebis

Officers had responded to Motel 6 in Stockbridge in reference to a domestic violence call. While trying to take the couple into custody, Tremaine Lebis broke free and ran around the building. When Callahan gave chase, Lebis shot him, said police.

Lisa Lebis was arrested and charged with simple battery, obstruction of an officer, theft by receiving stolen property and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and first offender probationer.

Defense attorney Kenneth Ellis told Judge Albert Collier that her $67,500 bond is unreasonable. He argued that she is entitled to a reasonable bond because 90 days have past since her arrest and she has not been indicted.

"We'd ask the court to lower the bond to one she can make," said Ellis. "We'd ask for no more than $35,000 in total. This is obviously a very serious set of facts, we don't doubt that for one second, but the more serious charges were done not by my client but her companion at the time."

Clayton County Chief Assistant District Attorney Erman Tanjuatco said he opposed lowering the bond and said he is waiting on final reports from the Clayton County Police Department and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

"We have some reports but we're waiting on others," he said. "This was a joint investigation by the two agencies. Also, Callahan's partner really just returned to work a few weeks ago. He saw his partner killed in front of him and formed a justifiable act against Lebis."

Tanjuatco said the interview with Officer Waymondo Brown is key to determining whether Lebis will be charged with murder in Callahan's death.

"We need to interview Officer Brown to see if the charges are causally linked to Officer Callahan's death," he said. "She does have a bond and we object to lowering it."

Tanjuatco listed 17 incidents in Lebis' criminal background, going back to a 2001 arrest in Spalding County for financial transaction card fraud. Her record includes theft by taking, misdemeanor possession of marijuana, DUI, false report of a crime and probation violation.

"She obviously doesn't follow court orders," he said. "She's a threat to other people and property and at risk of committing other crimes. We object to a bond reduction — $67,500 is reasonable."

Ellis disavowed his client's involvement in the shooting.

"She was there, there's no question about that," said Ellis. "But it was her husband who was shot and so was the shooter. It doesn't mean my client had a role in doing that, no evidence she did. The state is working pretty hard at charging her with something else."

Ellis also argued that Lebis is bond-worthy.

"She isn't going to threaten or intimidate witnesses at the GBI or Clayton County Police Department," he said. "She is bond-worthy but it's unreasonable and the indication of that is that she can't make it. She virtually has no bond at all."

Collier disagreed.

"The defendant continues to be a threat to commit other crimes," he said. "The bond is reasonable so the motion to reduce is denied."

However, Collier gave the state until May 31 to indict Lebis or he will reduce the bond.

Lebis made no statements.