Holyfield brother indicted in alleged securities fraud

By Kathy Jefcoats


JONESBORO — An older brother of five-time world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield was indicted in Clayton County Superior Court Wednesday on charges he helped orchestrate an investment scheme.

Luther Bernard Holyfield, 51, is named in a 16-count indictment alleging Violation of Georgia Securities Act of 2008 and theft by taking involving three alleged victims. Included on nine of the counts is Reginald Darnell Steele of Reginald Steele and Associates.

Neither man could immediately be reached for comment.

According to one count in the true bill of indictment, Holyfield allegedly made a loan agreement and note as CEO of Liberty Enterprise Investment LLC and owner of Leap Part Inc. to buy and sell ATV parts to Patricia Durham when he was not registered as an agent of the securities. He is also accused of taking more than $500 from Durham as part of an alleged scheme.

Both men are accused in an alleged scheme to defraud Rodney J. Washington out of an investment in an assisted living development. They are accused of taking more than $500 from Washington.

Steele and Holyfield are accused in another count of allegedly defrauding Washington in an investment scheme between Reginald Steele and Associates and alleged victim Roosevelt Ruise. They are accused of taking more than $500 from Ruise.

According to the Georgia Secretary of State's Office corporation records, Bernard Holyfield was the registered agent of Liberty Enterprise Investment LLC, which dissolved in 2009. The agent address is a home on Lake Jodeco's Summit Drive in Jonesboro. According to county property records, the $156,029 home has been owned since 2006 by an Atlanta property management company.

While Holyfield's youngest brother is the more well-known of the two, Bernard Holyfield co-wrote "Holyfield: Humble Warrior" with his brother in 1996. Bernard Holyfield is known in Hollywood as an actor, producer and dancer.

Most recently, he garnered national publicity when he shared an inspirational anecdote from his childhood in Alabama during an event at the King Center in Atlanta.

According to Clayton County Jail records, neither man has been arrested on the indicted charges. Both defendants should be considered innocent until proven guilty.