Jonesboro may create vacant building registry

— A registry of empty buildings and their owners may soon be created in Jonesboro to keep vacant properties from becoming public blight.

Mayor Joy Day proposed the vacant building registry to the city council Monday, explaining it is based on a similar registry in Lake City. Jonesboro City Attorney Steve Fincher is also Lake City’s lawyer and Day said he suggested the idea to her.

The mayor said the city has several vacant properties within its limits and it can often be difficult to determine who is responsible for upkeep of the buildings, whether it’s banks or property owners who live outside the Jonesboro area. This would give the city a way of contacting a responsible party to make sure the empty buildings don’t become hazardous to the community’s health.

“The vacant properties that we have, we would like to have a registry of those buildings and we would like to be able to deal with the owners of those buildings and know what their long-term plans are for those buildings,” Day said. “If a building is going to sit empty, it decreases the value of property around it. It is more likely to be broken into if it is vacant. It brings the neighborhood down.

“Sometimes people don’t have any choice and we understand that but we do want to try to deal with some of the empty structures that we have in the city,” she continued.


MD 2 years, 1 month ago

This is a great idea, and the county needs to follow Jonesboro's lead on this.


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