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Morrow may buy iPads in paperless shift

— Saving a few trees that could have been used to make documents for Morrow city government? Is there an app for that?

In a bid to go the paperless government route, the City Council is being asked to consider spending thousands of tax dollars to buy iPads for Mayor Joseph “J.B.” Burke, the four council members and members of the city’s appointed boards. It would cost about $2,000 for the council and Burke alone.

The pitch made by City Manager Jeff Eady is to use the tablets to view digitized versions of the agenda packets officials now receive in paper form. Eady stood inches away from the council’s dais during a work session Tuesday and made his pitch mostly out of earshot of audience members. At times, his presentation was barely audible from the audience.

“They will cost about $350 to $400 for the previous generation ... but look at it as the amount of money it will save on paper in the long run,” Eady told council members at one point.

The presentation came on the same night when Finance Director Dan Defnall told council members that the city had $3.28 million in cash reserves on hand, down from $3.5 million a year ago. The city is in the midst of putting together its 2014 budget.

No date has been set for when the council may vote on the proposal.