What do you Geek? — SHERRY TURNER

On the scavenger hunt for antiques

Sherry Turner

Sherry Turner

A recent discussion with Jonesboro library patron, Verna Muthoni, revealed that she had varied interests but she absolutely geeks antiques. She owns numerous collectibles and has a keen eye for spotting a hidden treasure in the most unlikely places.

Most individuals have antiques of one kind or another in their immediate surroundings. There was a time when any item that was at least 100 years old was considered an antique. In recent years however, antiques have become any object that may have reached an age which stands as a witness of a previous era in society.

Whether you are an amateur antique scavenger or a professional seeking a valuation of an item, these books may be helpful in your pursuit of exploring the world of antiques:

“Miller’s Antique Price Guide” by Judith Miller

“Schroeder’s Antique Price Guide” by Sharon Huxford

“Kovel’s Antiques and Collectibles” by Ralph Kovel

“Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles” by Eric Bradley

“Tattered Treasure: Stylish Décor with Flea Market Finds” by Lauren Powell

“A-Z of Antiques & Collectibles” by Judith Miller

Other books with fictional settings and an antique theme:

“Antiques” by Sharon Gillenwater

“Findings” by MaryAnna Evans

“Seeker” by Jack McDevitt

“Polaris” by Jack McDevitt

“Stealing with Style” by Emyl Jenkins

“Dreaming Damozel” by Mollie Hardwick

Internet Resources:



Countryliving.com (offers free appraisals)

“What do you Geek?” is a weekly column written by Sherry Turner, managing librarian at the Jonesboro Library Branch. As part of the Clayton County Library Systems’ “Get Your Geek on at the Library” campaign, patrons are being asked about their interests and specifically what it is they “geek” (defined as a personal passion). Turner writes about what library patrons “geek” about. To learn more about the geek campaign go to geekthelibrary.org and to submit a topic for this column, Email Turner at turners@claytonpl.org.