BOC uses eminent domain to widen road

— The Clayton County Board of Commissioners exercised eminent domain powers this week to condemn two houses that interfered with the widening of Anvil Block Road.

County transportation and development Director Jeff Metarko asked the county to condemn the properties, which are located on opposite sides of the Bouldercrest-Anvil Block roads intersection because offers to buy the properties had failed.

“The county’s right-of-way acquisition agent has tried unsuccessfully to reach an agreement with the affected property owners,” Metarko wrote. “In order to proceed with project and construction activities, condemnation proceedings are required.”

Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to condemn the properties. They are at 4512 and 4573 Bouldercrest Road in Ellenwood.

April Malcom is listed in county documents as the owner of 4512 Bouldercrest Road, which is valued at $18,000. Wells Fargo Bank is listed as the owner of 4573 Bouldercrest Road, which is valued at $6,000.