Morrow may forego developer job

City leaders to discuss position’s future

— The planning and economic development director position in Morrow faces an uncertain future.

City Manager Jeff Eady said the position may stay, or an organizational shakeup may occur that sees the position go unfilled.

At this point, Eady said he isn’t sure what will happen now that former planning and economic development Director Michael McLaughlin is gone. McLaughlin worked his last day this week.

“I don’t have a timeline,” Eady said. “I’m going to speak with the council about it. It may be that we don’t fill the position. It may be that we reorganize the city with resources we currently have and so it may be, at least in the short-term or the interim as we move forward, that we divide the tasks up that Michael was doing among staff we already have and we’ll tackle it that way.”

The vacancy comes at a time when Morrow is in the process of selling off many of the properties purchased during the tenure of former city manager and former economic development director John Lampl. Eady said a real estate broker who is already working for the city will continue those efforts.

One of the key pieces of property still in the city’s hands is the failed Olde Towne Morrow development, which was created by Lampl and closed in 2010 because the city had lost millions of dollars on it. Net proceeds during its one year of operation totaled in the thousands.

What will become of Olde Towne remains to be seen. Eady said the broker is working on what to do with the property.