Kendrick Middle receives a $4,050 grant for student garden

JONESBORO — Kendrick Middle School has been awarded a $4,050 grant from the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation to construct a student garden and greenhouse on campus. The project is scheduled to be completed by Aug. 9.

The school’s gifted education coordinator, Wayne Clayton III, discussed the proposed Student Council Environmental Sustainability and Entrepreneurship Garden.

“We plan to install a greenhouse in our unused center courtyard which will enhance the outdoor classroom,” said Clayton. “We plan to include a pebble walkway with low-maintenance colorful flowers, bright paint and rain-catching barrels for storing watering for plants and vegetables.”

He said students will be able to learn about the economy, government, history and state and national geography. They will also gain firsthand experience about the effects of working to protect the environment and the principles of supply and demand.

“Our students will be responsible for maintaining the garden and greenhouse by providing maintenance, planting, weeding, plant transferring, feeding and selling,” he said. “We would like to see our students grow vegetables and plants they can sell to families in the community.”

Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation Chairman Marshall Croom said the grant emphasizes community involvement.

“By supporting schools like Kendrick Middle School, we know we are contributing to a cause that’s important to our customers and employees, and helping build stronger communities,” said Croom.