Agree with Thomas, Edmondson

Edmondson, Thomas make good points

Dear Editor:

I’ve read Cal Thomas in the past with, at best, ambivalence but I have to say I agree with his article about public prayer in the Wednesday, Nov. 6 editorial.

I had always thought these public prayer lawsuits were no more than a liberal attack on Christians because of their greater involvement in politics. Mr. Thomas points out, correctly, that God needs no publicity and, indeed, demands secrecy. It was Man who created the churches, cathedrals and temples. And it was Man who decided God should be invoked in public meetings. Within the context of a religious meeting it’s right and appropriate to invoke God and Christ and the Holy Ghost but public meetings should remain secular.

Locally, I agree with Mr. Edmondson about the county manager position.

I thought his letter was cogent, concise and to the point. I’m glad to see any member of local government supporting thrift and cooperation in government.

I look forward to seeing improvements in Clayton County.

— Daniel Leckie