Lord’s allegation regarding Pink Pony challenged

FOREST PARK — Allegations by a Forest Park city councilwoman have been challenged by attorneys representing Pink Pony South.

In a letter to the editor, Linda Lord referenced adult entertainment businesses that had operated in Forest Park saying, “the two businesses were found to have allowed illegal activities, such as drugs, gambling and prostitution into their establishments.”

Attorney Aubrey T. Villines Jr. pointed out this week, “My clients were forced to leave the city after losing their liquor license. The reason for this license revocation is that my clients were found to have been operating an adult entertainment establishment without a license. The hearing officer never found that my clients were engaged in prostitution, drugs or gambling, and no court of law has found my client guilty of these charges. Further, no prosecutor or solicitor has alleged or prosecuted such charges.”

Editor’s note: The letter written by Linda Lord was published in the Clayton News Daily Letters to the Editor section Oct. 25, 2013. While the assertions were Lord’s, she stated her allegations as fact and the Clayton News Daily regrets that it was not made clear that these were allegations made by Lord and by witnesses during the hearing process that led to the closure of the business.