Dear Editor:

I apologize for the misinformation in my Letters to the Editor. I should have gone back over the hearing notes. In the course of the city council meetings, so much information is disseminated, sometimes you forget where you heard what.

The words in question, “gambling, drugs and prostitution,” were told in some speaking, but I did not find them in the hearing notes.

I have written Mr. Villines a letter of apology and have included a copy of my letter that I would request that you print in the Letters to the Editor. I have also included copies for you of where I obtained the information, apart from the apology, that I included in the letter.

Again, I apologize for the misinformation and hope you will print this letter. Hopefully, it will be the final word on the subject.

Linda Lord

Forest Park

Mr. Aubrey Villines:

After reading through the testimony of the hearing conducted by Michael Martin, Hearing Officer, I find only one reference to one instance of gambling and no direct references to drugs or prostitution. I apologize for this incorrect reference.

As you state in your letter, the clubs lost their liquor license due to running an adult entertainment club without a license when they were supposed to be serving liquor only. As Mr. Martin stated in his conclusions regarding the Crazy Horse Saloon, “contrary to the argument of the Respondent/Licensee in its post hearing brief, there were not isolated incidents that were dealt with my management when they were observed. As stated above” (in the rest of his comments) “these violations are not isolated incidents but rather exhibit a clear pattern of conduct to continue to operate the Crazy Horse Saloon” (also found in similar language in the conclusions of the Pink Pony South) “as an adult entertainment establishment in clear violation of the ordinance of the City of Forest Park.” It was his order that both licenses be immediately revoked as of Dec. 5, 2011.

The job of the Hearing Office was not to determine guilt or innocence of anyone but to determine whether these two businesses were complying with the city’s ordinance.”

Linda Lord

Forest Park City Council