BOC’s ethics advisors need more time — again

JONESBORO — The panel working to draft ethics recommendations for the Clayton County Board of Commissioners needs more time to do its work.

The commission’s ethics advisory committee asked for, and got, its second extension of the year to complete a list of recommendations to improve ethics in county government. The seven-member group was created in the spring and was tasked with coming up with a set of recommendations by July 9. That proved to be impossible so the committee asked for a 90-day extension over the summer, and got one that put its new deadline at Oct. 9.

Committee Chairman Larry O’Keeffe said in July that he thought the work would be done before the new deadline, but he appeared before commissioners Tuesday and conceded there is more work which has to be done. It now appears the recommendations may not be ready until closer to Christmas.

At least that’s what O’Keeffe said he hoped for when questioned about the delay in a pre-meeting by commissioners eager to get ethics reforms in place. He said the committee is trying to find a balance between the desired recommendations sought by each of its members.

“My goal is to have it done by December,” O’Keeffe told the commissioners. “I will have it done, one way or another, by December.”

The new deadline for a list of recommendations to be completed is Dec. 9, according to commission documents.