Morrow council candidates praise city at forum

MORROW — Two candidates for Morrow City Council seats told residents Tuesday that the town doesn’t need much to improve upon itself.

It just needs more sidewalks, bike paths, communication with residents, advertising and municipal Wi-Fi internet access, according to candidates Jeff DeTar and Randy Anderson.

“I’ve lived in Morrow for 30 years and I have believed for that entire time Morrow is the best city in this area — it’s the gem of the Southern Crescent as we used to call it, and I really want Morrow to stay that way,” said DeTar.

“You can’t find anything any better,” Anderson added.

DeTar and Anderson were the only candidates, out of four people seeking two open council seats, who participated in a 20-minute candidates forum hosted by the League of Women Voters and the Morrow Garden Club. The attending candidates, who are not running against each other, each had their own approach to improving the city.

DeTar advocated for the city implementing its nearly 3-year-old livable centers initiative plan, while highlighting an interest in starting up Wi-Fi access and adding onto the city’s stock of walking trails and bike paths. He also said he would not cut any services provided by the city, if elected.

“The livable cities initiative is a really inspired vision that we can work towards to have more places in our community — more shopping places in our community and recreation in our community — and I would like to really work towards that,” said DeTar. “A couple of things I would like to see on the immediate horizon is more bicycle paths, more sidewalks and maybe even city Wi-Fi.”

DeTar is running against Hang Tran to replace retiring Councilman Virlyn Slaton.

Anderson pushed for opening up the lines of communication with residents through regular town hall-style meetings. He also pushed for bringing in new businesses and advertising the city as a safe place to live.

“I would like to see the city grow business-wise,” said Anderson. “As we all live here for many years, you see businesses come and go, and then businesses don’t come back again. I would like to see us get more businesses in here to increase traffic crowds and revenue, and find a way to retain businesses. I also want to put the word out that people can come to the city of Morrow and feel safe.”

Anderson is running against Chris Mills to replace retiring Councilman Bob Huie.