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RENJE: Help wanted: Leaders

Once upon a time, when European immigrants came to the United States they would stare in awe upon approaching our shores as the Statue of Liberty came into sight.

Whether real or mythical, the ideals and symbolism of the Land of Opportunity brought many to tears, while providing inspiration to emulate all that came before them in building a better life for themselves and families.

In our current culture, a sign should be hung around Lady Liberty’s neck that says “Help Wanted: Leaders.”

Perhaps the single biggest issue facing our youth is the lack of leaders, in particular male role models, to emulate in finding their mission and God-given purpose in life. From the highest levels of government to the streets in many communities, our youth have been failed by not having proper role models.

The vacancy of the father in the home leads too many youth to seek a false image of manhood through celebrities, athletes and less than desirable friends. When one looks at the dysfunction of our leaderless, dysfunctional government, they see a total lack of personal accountability. Instead of taking responsibility for what goes on around them (a trait ingrained in the DNA of all great leaders), we get the whining, name calling, finger-pointing and blaming that our kindergarten teachers didn’t accept from us on the playground.

Instead of working for a solution, those that run our country make excuses for their failures. This has a tremendous and negative impact on our overall culture as our nation’s leadership sets the tone and direction for the rest of the culture.

So where do we go from here?

At the grass roots level, men everywhere need to step up and lead by taking responsibility – in our marriages, our homes, our churches and our communities. We must empower our wives, equip our children while providing mentorship to those kids in our community in desperate need.

We must break the chain of self-victimization (aka playing the victim) that’s become so prevalent in our society and is holding entire generations back from fulfilling their true potential and discovering their spiritual gifts so they, themselves can lead someday.

As for our nation’s leadership, we need to hold our leaders accountable to lead.

We need people to stand up, take personal responsibility for the chaos around them and lead our country by the very ideals that its been built upon. By the way, here is a good time to interject that just because we often fall short of our ideals and standards, doesn’t mean we need to abandon or lower the bar of those ideals and standards.

I long for a day when we have more adults in the room among our elected officials and fewer bickering kids staking out their turf around the swing set.