RENJE: Running on empty

God has been laying on my heart lately just how anemic our (the Body of Christ) prayer lives are in our marriages, families, churches, ministries and in this country.

The byproduct is that our anemic and ineffective spiritual life leads to an anemic and ineffective life — period.

We all go through seasons of life where we are drained spiritually, where lethargy begins to set in, often in very subtle ways that we don’t even recognize until it’s too late. So I pose two questions to you:

In what areas are you running on empty spiritually? Your marriage? Family? Other Relationships? Career? Ministry?

When is the last time you earnestly prayed over those areas?

Both questions are directly linked. Planning and preparing for your week is important, but steadfast prayer needs to come first. And by prayer, I’m not talking about an obligatory, empty morning or before bed prayer.

I’m talking about bathing your marriage, bathing your kids, bathing your career and bathing every area of life in fervent prayer.

How does one pray you might ask? Prayer is simple communication and dialogue with the Lord and there is an example given to by Jesus in the Gospels (See Matthew 6:9-13, also known as the Lord’s Prayer, or more accurately, the Model Prayer). This is not necessarily meant to be recited verbatim, but to provide an example.

Here, we can see the acronym ACTS which is an easy-to-remember, useful model for praying:

Adoration – “Hallowed be your name,” adoring God for his presence in your life.

Confession – “Forgive us our trespasses,” confessing your sins before Him.

Thanksgiving – “your kingdom come,” thanking and asking Him for his presence in your life.

Supplication – “deliver us from the evil one,” asking God for protection and provisions.

We seriously lack, but need good, old fashioned prayer meetings in our homes, our churches and in our nation. Everywhere we look in scripture – Old Testament and New – everything was done, every decision made, every direction and request sought was done through fasting and prayer — and more fasting and prayer.

We’ve completely neglected the fasting aspect of that tandem in our modern culture and that will be a topic for another day. But for now, let’s focus on prayer and let God fulfill your life’s potential, making the most of the gifts he’s given you.