Mayors deserve consideration

Keep government close to people

The mayors of Clayton County cities were elected by popular vote.

The chairman of the Clayton County Commission was elected by popular vote, and in overwhelming fashion.

Quite obviously, the chairman and the county’s mayors represent the will of the people.

In a representative form of government, the voices of those who have been elected to represent their constituents should, at the very least, be heard and considered.

Below readers will find a letter signed by the respective mayors of Forest Park, Jonesboro, Riverdale, College Park, Lovejoy, Morrow and Lake City.

The fact that the mayors are speaking with one voice, speaks volumes.

That kind of unanimity is rarely seen in government and politics.

The mayors are asking county commissioners to not change the county’s current form of government.

The letter is a vote of confidence concerning the leadership of Commission Chairman Jeff Turner and his administration.

The letter clearly states these city leaders are opposed to bringing back the county manager position that was eliminated mere months ago.

The fact that all of these mayors are saying the proposal to restore that position is the wrong move at the wrong time should carry a lot of weight with members of the county commission.

We have called on its sponsor, Michael Edmondson, to reconsider this piece of legislation.

We believe that government works best when it is as close as it can be to citizens.

The professional manager form of local government just moves government one step farther away from the people.

Perhaps those who support this measure will listen to us.

Perhaps not.

Perhaps they will listen to Chairman Turner who was elected by Clayton County citizens in a landslide.

Perhaps not.

Perhaps they will listen to the mayors who have banded together in a show of unity to oppose this change.

Perhaps not.

If members of the commission will not listen to their community newspaper, to the chairman or to the mayors, maybe they will listen to their own constituents in their own districts.

We encourage Clayton County citizens who elected this chairman, who elected these mayors and who applauded the elimination of the county manager position at the beginning of the year, to contact their county commissioner and voice their pleasure — or displeasure — with this measure.

— Editor Jim Zachary