Mayors say no to Clayton County government change

Dear Editor:

As you are aware Chairman Jeff Turner’s Administration has made significant and meaningful strides in developing a successful bilateral relationship with all of the cities in Clayton County such as:

• Successfully negotiated settlement of the Local Option Sale Tax and the Service Delivery Strategy which had previously been mired in unfortunate delays.

• Development of a “bottoms up” participatory relationship with our cities on the critical initiative of economic development.

These positive results received the applause and appreciation by all the cities in Clayton County.

It is respectfully requested that the County Commission abandon further consideration in creating a County Manager position for these very important reasons:

1. The present Chief Operating Officer already functions as a County Manager as the duties between the two positions are essentially the same.

2. If another person is appointed County Manager it could contravene the terms and conditions of a possible employment contract (verbal or written) of the Chief Operating Officer.

3. By changing the present management structure it could cause extremely negative morale issues amongst the county employee population.

4. By changing the present management structure the result could be negative press coverage in County Government which is just what we are trying to reverse in the interest of a professional approach to economic development.

5. The re-creation of the County Manager’s position will be redundant to the COO position already established and add unnecessary expensive headcount to an already successfully assembled management team.

6. The Cities are commissioned with the challenge of moving the area to a higher level of economic development and the last thing we need now is a story “with legs” which elaborates on unrest and instability within the upper echelon of County government.

In closing, we respectfully request that no further consideration be given to recreating the position of County Manager for the seemingly unnecessary purpose of disrupting the currently established and well conceived successful management team that Chairman Tuner has assembled.

Mayor Willie Oswalt, Lake City

Mayor JB Burke,, Morrow

Mayor David Lockhart, Forest Park

Mayor Joy Day, Jonesboro

Mayor Bobby Cartwright, Lovejoy

Mayor Evelyn Dixon, Riverdale

Mayor Jack Longino, College Park

Note: This letter was sent from the mayors of Clayton County cities to members of the County Commission, dated Oct. 18.