Grand jury indicts convicted sex offender in alleged serial rapes

JONESBORO — A man serving multiple sentences for rape convictions in Virginia was indicted Wednesday for alleged attacks on four women in Clayton County.

Allen Otis Kelley, 27, faces multiple charges of burglary with intent to commit theft and rape, rape, aggravated assault, aggravated sodomy, armed robbery, kidnapping, sexual battery and simple assault.

Kelley is serving a 100-year sentence — 60 years of which was suspended — and an 80-year sentence for similar attacks on women in Virginia. He is being held in the Virginia Beach City Jail, according to online jail records.

The Clayton County allegations include a New Year’s Eve 2007 attack on a Forest Park woman, a Feb. 8, 2008, attack on a second woman, a third attack on a separate woman Aug. 23, 2009, and a fourth July 8, 2010.

Virginia prosecutors convicted Kelley in the Nov. 15, 2010, attack on a Virginia Beach woman. Prosecutors said Kelley broke into the woman’s home while she was sleeping, jumped on top of her in bed and began to choke her. When she became unconscious, he raped her.

The victim said when she awoke, her hands were tied together and she was partially nude. Kelley then stole her cell phone, flat screen television, eyeglasses, purse, cash, wallet and service pins from her job with the city of Virginia Beach.

He pleaded guilty to the charges in February but was already serving an 80-year sentence for rape, sexual penetration with an object and burglary in Norfolk, Va.