Angels are God’s helpers who bless us

Many think angels are real and exist to help us when we are in trouble, to give us strength in weakness and protection from those who would hurt or harm us.

While visiting our daughter and her family in Colorado, I ran across Billy Graham’s book; “Angels, God’s secret agents.” In it he gives us assurance that we are not alone, that we are assisted and defended by a powerful and glorious order of invisible beings.

John Calvin said of Angels: “The angels are the dispensers and administrators of the divine beneficence toward us; they regard our safety, undertake our defense, and direct our ways, they exercise a constant solicitude that no evil befall us.” The Bible says, “He will give His angels charge of you, to guard you in all your ways.” Psalm 91: 11.

I believe God made the angels to carry out His divine purposes both in defeating Satan and his fallen angels and in protecting believers from Satan and helping us in difficult times.

I especially like and take great comfort in knowing God will send His angels to take us home to heaven when we die. This truth is found in the story Jesus told about Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16:19-31.

When Lazarus died angels came and escorted him to Abraham’s bosom. This tells us we will not be alone when we die but will actually be taken into the presence of God. Another book of the Bible gives us great hope — the famous 23rd chapter of Psalms where David says: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me, your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

Could not the “Rod and staff” actually be His Holy angels?

Take note of this amazing story reported by the Readers Digest some years ago.

A well known Philadelphia Doctor had worked hard all day and went to bed early after a trying day. Suddenly he was awakened by someone knocking on the door. As he got up and opened the door he saw a little girl, poorly dressed and very upset. She told him her mother was very sick and asked him if he would please come with her.

It was a bitterly cold and snowy night, but though he was bone tired, the doctor dressed and followed her. She led him to an apartment several blocks away where he found the mother desperately ill with pneumonia. After arranging for her medical care, he complimented the sick woman on the intelligence and persistence of her little daughter.

The woman looked at him strangely and then said, “My daughter died a month ago! She added, “Her shoes and coat are in the clothes closet over there.” Amazed and perplexed, the doctor went to the closet and opened the door. There hung the very coat worn by the little girl who had brought him to tend her sick mother. It was warm and dry and could not have possibly been out in the wintry night.

Could the doctor have been called in the hour of desperate need by an angel who appeared as this woman’s young daughter? Was this the work of God’s Angels on behalf of the sick woman? Billy Graham thought so and I agree!

Some years ago my wife and our small daughter, along with a friend’s wife and daughter, were driving to a cabin in the north Georgia Mountains to spend the weekend. The weather was very cold and ice began to form on the road.

As I rounded a curve in the road my car began to slide on the ice. I tried to correct it by turning into the slide but the stirring wheel was jerked out of my hand and I lost complete control. I could see tree tops in front and felt we were going over the side of the mountain.

I slammed on the brakes as the car turned completely around and slid backward to a stop! I was sure we were going to crash off the road and down the mountain side. When I got out of the car to look around, I found we had slid backwards into a driveway and were perfectly alright. No one was hurt nor was there even a scratch on the car.

There was a steep ditch on either side of the car but we were in the middle of the driveway. We had a prayer meeting right there, for we knew God had protected us with His Angels and kept us from harm.

Dear Lord, thank you for providing your Angels to help us in our desperate time of need. Thank you for sending your Angels to help and guide all those who believe in you and trust Jesus Christ as their savior. Amen.