Kroger to roll out price cuts in Georgia

ATLANTA — Remember those old Kroger commercials that had the jingle, “Let’s go Krogering” and featured a pair of “cost-cutter” scissors cutting prices?

Well, the scissors appear to be back in a way. The grocery store chain announced this week it will begin lowering prices Sept. 8 on 3,000 popular products, including national brands. The prices will be rolled out only at stores in Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama, company officials announced in a statement.

“As Kroger continues to evolve and expand, we are looking for new ways to help our shoppers maximize their savings,” said Glynn Jenkins, director of communications and public relations for Kroger’s Atlanta Division. “Price is an important factor in the shopping experience, and this multi-million dollar investment will allow customers to save even more on the items they buy every week.”

In addition to the price cuts, customers will be able to print coupons from the company’s website, Kroger.com, or through a its mobile app for Apple devices and Android smartphones. Double coupons will fall on the sword, though, and be discontinued after Sept. 21.

The company also said signage will help establish a “more unified” look among its stores.

“Customers will see a more cohesive brand while shopping at their local Kroger stores,” said Jenkins. “We are removing unnecessary signage while at the same time lowering prices to give shoppers a better — and more economical — in-store experience.”