History to be written with Historical Jonesboro bricks

Residents can be memorialized

JONESBORO — Historical Jonesboro/Clayton County Inc. is at it again.

The group recently kicked off its second commemorative brick program in about four years. While the last effort focused on placing engraved bricks in downtown Jonesboro, this new project will focus on the gates of Stately Oaks Plantation, said Historical Jonesboro President Barbara Emert.

The project ties into the City of Jonesboro’s upcoming project to pave Carriage Lane, which passes in front of Stately Oaks, and to install a sidewalk in front of the historical site. The Jonesboro City Council voted 4-0 Monday to award a $243,703 contract to C&C Lovejoy, which is owned by Lovejoy Mayor Bobby Cartwright, to do the Carriage Lane project.

“It make sense with this Carriage Lane project right there at the gates, and to let people commemorate or memorialize someone, particularly someone who was involved with Historical Jonesboro,” said Emert. “We can put in 420 bricks. It will be right there at the gates.”

The group’s last stab at selling commemorative bricks was successful, with nearly two of the three brick “pods” available on Main Street being filled up. Therefore, Emert is hopeful that this project will be equally as successful.

When the paving project is completed, a brick walkway will extend from the Stately Oaks gates to Carriage Lane. This is where the commemorative bricks will be placed.

Each 4-by-8 inch brick is $35 and can be engraved with up to three lines of 18 characters each, according to flyers and applications which are now being distributed at Stately Oaks, 100 Carriage Lane, and Jonesboro City Hall, 124 North Ave.

Replica bricks, which can be displayed in a person’s’ home or business, can be purchased for $25 a piece.

“That leaves a legacy for the person who is buying it and having their name put on it, or having someone else’s name put on it to honor,” said Emert. “People will come and ask, ‘Who is that person?’

“And when you go somewhere and see those types of bricks, you go ‘Oh there is someone special,’ ” she continued. “You may not know why, but you know they were interested in helping their community.”

Emert said residents can also still buy bricks to be placed on Main Street, for $40 per brick. In addition to stopping by Stately Oaks, residents can call Historical Jonesboro at 770-473-0197 to inquire about buying bricks for either location.