Lovejoy council recognizes local elected leaders

The Lovejoy City Council recognized local leaders for their works in the county-municipal LOST negotiations this year. (Special Photo)

The Lovejoy City Council recognized local leaders for their works in the county-municipal LOST negotiations this year. (Special Photo)

LOVEJOY — The award reads: “One county, Seven cities, United in vision.”

Lovejoy’s four-member city council and Mayor Bobby Cartwright presented the tall crystal trophies to representatives from the county and each of its cities for successful LOST/SDS negotiations.

“It was a really good feeling,” said Linda Lord, Ward 5 councilwoman and mayor pro tem for Forest Park.


Lovejoy's city council presented awards recognizing the Clayton County Board of Commissioners and each of the county's cities for their work in successful LOST negotiations. (Staff Photo: Johnny Jackson)

She and councilman Tommy Smith of Ward 1 represented Forest Park at Lovejoy’s dinner reception and awards ceremony Monday.

“It was a very nice event,” she said. “We are going to mention it in our council meeting Monday night.”

Lord said the negotiation process had its challenges.

“It was a long negotiation,” Lord said. “And it was finished on time. We got through them.

“Everybody doesn’t get everything they want, but everybody gets something they can live with,” she continued. “It wasn’t that we all agreed with each other but we had a common goal.”

Monday’s meeting continued with unanimous votes in favor of putting the city’s transportation van out for bid to sell.

Cartwright said the van was used primarily to help seniors to and from the city’s community center downtown.

“We need a multi-use vehicle,” said Cartwright.

He recommended the council look into purchasing a larger 19-passenger van with funds from the public safety department that can be multi-functional.

Council approved a conditional variance application from Mark Griswell to construct his business at Flicker Road and Tara Boulevard about 30 feet closer to the roadway to aid the flow of traffic into the parking lot.

Under the council’s condition, Griswell must leave 20 feet of green space buffer between the lot and the road. His will be Lovejoy’s second package store, the maximum allowed under city ordinance.

Members also approved a conditional-use permit application from Anthony Butler to hold church inside a strip mall suite at 11774 Hastings Bridge Road.

City officials said the church’s permit fees have been paid but the church is also expected to obtain a business license.

The council denied a variance request from Check into Cash Title Pawn, saying the business would become the fifth pawn shop in Lovejoy.

Officials said allowing the variance would contradict an ordinance limiting the number of pawn shops to two within the city. The ordinance was approved in March and grandfathered in four pawn shops that were operating at the time.

Coming up Saturday, the city will host its annual fall festival at Mayor’s Park, 11620 Hastings Bridge Road. Organizers said the event will feature music, games, food and wares from 1 p.m. until 9 p.m.