Elections really job interviews

When an employer interviews a prospective employee the challenges include looking beyond the self-promotional jargon that candidates often learn in interviewing skills training, sifting through the mastered body language techniques and seeing straight through the mirroring gimmick to find the best possible candidate for the job.

Some of the best hires really struggle through an interview and some of the best interviews result in the worst new hires.

Too many workplace managers have bought into philosophical trick questions that regardless of the answer do very little to strip through all the layers and find the worker who possesses the necessary skills, the right training and the appropriate attitude to get the job done.

Great interviewers realize that having a discerning ear and being able to listen with intent is far more important than asking the most artfully worded questions.

The residents of Clayton County are hiring new elected officials.

As the community looks at its respective races in each municipality, we urge voters to be very circumspect during the candidate interviewing process.

Lake City will hire two council members.

Forest Park has the most hotly-contested election with residents hiring a mayor and two council members.

Jonesboro residents will select three at-large council members.

Two council members will be handed jobs in Morrow.

Riverdale and College Park will each select two applicants for city council.

We encourage residents to look beyond the smoke and mirrors.

Candidates sometimes pull out all the stops.

They use all their interviewing skills.

Their smooth speeches and fair-sounding words can often camouflage their track records or lack thereof.

When candidates sound more like they are bragging than laying out an agenda for the future, you can rest assured they have very little grasp of what public service is really all about.

When they speak in broad stroke generalities, rather than giving specific answers to specific questions, you can be confident they are not ready for leadership and have not done their homework.

When they act as if they are above being questioned and lash out in anger at their critics, it is clear they lack the timber or temperament to govern effectively.

— Editor Jim Zachary