Jonesboro murder featured in episode tonight

JONESBORO — A 1999 Jonesboro kidnapping and robbery involving a woman and her daughter will be featured tonight in a new series on Investigative Discovery channel.

The crime ended in the murder of daughter Regina Dates, 21, and attempted strangling of mother Sheila Dates, now 61 and living in Griffin.

Their attacker, Keith Darnell Henry, 56, was sentenced to death in 2002 after a bench trial in front of Clayton County Superior Court Judge Albert Collier. That sentence was overturned and reduced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after a higher court determined the death sentence should have been imposed by a jury, not a judge.

Henry, a former Marine and fashion model, is serving his life sentence at Smith State Prison. His wife, Belinda Henry, was also involved.

Producers of the new series, “Surviving Evil,” said the Dates case will be featured in the first half of the hour-long episode at 10 p.m. tonight.

The show’s synopsis details that “Sheila Dates and her daughter, Regina, were inseparable and living a quiet life in Georgia when they are taken hostage by a greedy couple desperate for an easy score.”

Sheila Dates was driven at gunpoint to get money while Regina was held, bound and gagged at home. After Sheila Dates handed over the money, Belinda Henry tried to strangle her with a phone cord.

Sheila Dates survived, only to learn of Regina’s fate. Dates now honors the memory of her daughter by helping others who have suffered similar tragedies.

The couple fled the area, ending up in a New Jersey motel five weeks later. Keith Henry surrendered but his wife killed herself in the bathroom.